Dragos, 26 year-old energy advisor

Rick Wheatley February 16, 2012

In this dialogue we speak with Dragos, a 26 year-old Romanian energy advisor working in a consultancy that advises public and private sector actors on energy issues about his view of the world, his impressions of his generation and where he thinks things are headed in a general sense.

Memorable quotes:

If you’re looking for something specific in everything you’re looking at, you won’t get far. You have to look at things and take them fresh, take them new, and see what impression they make on you, and then build on that.

On the impact social media is having on the millennial generation:

…you are creating global mindsets, if not global citizens. You will have people who will think more globally, or if they don’t think globally, at least they will relate to what happens everywhere else on the globe, in the world, a lot more. This will have repercussions in how they want to craft their lives and how they see their lives. It will impact their regional and national and local citizenship, or feeling of belonging.